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October 3, 2023
Product Engineering

Retta is the largest professional service group in the Nordics specializing in the brokerage and management of apartments, properties and offices.

Retta recognized the significant potential in offering loans to housing companies, as it would assist them in establishing key performance indicators, quality standards, and service levels right from the beginning. Furthermore, this approach would facilitate smoother contract management and help mitigate any associated risks for partner institutions such as banks.

Starting Point

Traditionally, Retta was doing the process by using excel sheets and maintaining the tendering statuses manually. The process required them to create analysis of housing companies based on data coming from different sources across the organization. This was creating inefficiencies, redundancies and time lapses. Also, prioritizing the loans manually was a difficult and time consuming task.

Retta needed a quick solution to their otherwise laborious process which would help them optimize their operations and at the same time provide a digital-ready platform for future growth.

Streamlining basics

After careful analysis and information gathering, our experts decided to create a new web application for Retta from scratch tailored specifically for Retta. This application enabled Retta to:

Access a prioritized list of loans.

Easily view information and analyses related to housing companies.

Communicate with housing managers and banks seamlessly through the app.

Initiate and monitor the tendering process from start to finish.

The entire project started with a detailed plan that included timelines, resource allocation, and milestones. The team worked together to develop the application in around six months, ensuring the integration and functionality of all modules.

Feedback from client

‘At Retta, our mission is to make real-estate sector more sustainable, more profitable, and more responsible. We are happy that we found a partner who values these sentiments as well. Our journey with Routa Digital feels rather like a problem-solving and value-creation exercise, than an “IT project”, and is colored by a business-first attitude and results based approach. The team was flexible, efficient, and easy to work with’-

– Lauri Leino, SVP, New Services & ICT || Chief Strategy / Acceleration / Development / Information Officer

A positive transformation

In conclusion, the journey from manual tendering process to digital one has proven to be a transformative experience for Retta. Our solutions have enables Retta to optimize operations, elevate service offerings, and achieve greater efficiency

Leveraging our expertise in product development and ability to build cutting-edge IT applications, we have successfully opened new revenue streams for Retta while also reducing support requirements and costs.

We take pride in our ability to understand the unique requirements of our clients and provide tailored IT solutions that drive business success.