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Using Data & Analytics to empower Retta in its sustainable efforts

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Business Objective

Retta is the largest professional service group in the Nordics specializing in the brokerage and management of apartments, properties, and offices. It aims to provide property owners with solutions that reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills.

ESG report is an ideal and effective means of enabling companies to be more transparent and accountable about their current and planned sustainability initiatives. In real estate terms, the ESG report validates the energy class of the building based on actual energy consumption and CO2 emissions. One of the important tasks in ESG reporting is to calculate the accurate energy data which can then be used to assess the environmental impact of the building, inform stakeholders about its sustainability performance, and guide future improvement strategies.

Accuracy in Reporting

Improved data quality

Making data an asset

“At Retta, our mission is to make real-estate sector more sustainable, more profitable, and more responsible. We are happy that we found a partner who values these sentiments as well. Our journey with Routa Digital feels rather like a problem-solving and value-creation exercise, than an “IT project”, and is colored by a business-first attitude and results based approach. The team was flexible, efficient, and easy to work with”

– Lauri Leino, SVP, New Services & ICT || Chief Strategy / Acceleration / Development / Information Officer


Being the largest player in the industry, Retta had a huge base of energy data scattered across multiple sites and locations with no centralized solution where data could be collected and analyzed. Routa Digital team helped Retta by creating a data lake/data warehousing solution that brings together the energy data from multiple third-party sources such as Metry API, Google Map API, AccuWeather API, Fingrid, and CO2 Local Power APU in the agreed architecture that would enable ESG reporting in PowerBI. The project’s major challenge was understanding the various formats and structures of data and then transforming them into a state where they can be utilized.
Business Impacts

With the implementation of this data lake solution, Retta now has access to accurate and reliable energy data that would help them channel their efforts toward a sustainable future.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses a spectrum of functionalities, including processing energy data on an hourly, daily, monthly, and rolling 12-month basis, handling weather data processing, CO2 emission calculations, and facilitating ESG reporting. By leveraging these capabilities, Retta can streamline its energy management processes and enhance its ability to make informed decisions for long-term sustainability.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack Leveraged

Customer Value Enhanced

  • Open Integration to pull energy data from Service provider.
  • Prepare data for ESG reporting.
  • Implemented optimal maintenance plan.

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