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October 12, 2022
Product Engineering

Accelerating digital transformation for future growth


Fixcel (acquired by Parmaco Group) is a leading player in the construction business, specializing in the production of prefabricated building structures using steel.

Problem Statement

While each organization is unique in its operations but they all face a common challenge: in order to stay competitive in today’s landscape, they need a dependable and efficient way to store and access information. Fixcel was facing challenges with its existing IT landscape and were dependent on legacy systems for their innovative new business model.


To streamline business processes, comply with regulations, and provide a digital-ready platform for future growth

To develop an ERP system that could help them be more agile and adaptable to the changing business needs

How did Routa Digital helped Fixcel

Development and implementation of a unique ERP system from scratch, which enabled Fixcel business to provide more flexibility, compliant to regulations, agile and digital-ready. i.e. Build for Growth

The new platform aspired to meet the industry 4.0 standards and hence enabling Fixcel's leadership in their business domain by quick decision-making, efficient project planning and further projections

Implementation of business process automation which we’ve achieved using the implementation of an ERP covering all the operational processes of the customer i.e project planning, production planning, monitoring and controls, logistics, purchase management, inventory management and dynamic Takt management


Requirement Gathering

Routa Digital conducted multiple sessions with the Fixcel team to analyze their business processes and identify areas where automation could bring in more efficiency. The team worked together to understand day-to-day activities, the process flow, and the needs of the customers. After analyzing the business requirements, it was found that Fixcel needed a customized and modern ERP system that would integrate and streamline modules of project planning, production planning, logistics, purchase management, and inventory management.

Routa Digital decided to build the ERP system on the MERN stack. This stack provides a robust, scalable, and efficient solution that could handle the complex business processes. The modules included in the ERP system were designed to automate the operational processes of the customer and enable quick decision-making.


The implementation process started with a detailed plan that included timelines, resource allocation, and milestones. The team worked together to develop the ERP system in six months, ensuring that all modules were integrated and functional. During the implementation, the team worked closely with Fixcel team to ensure that the system met their requirements and provided a seamless transition from the old system.

Education & Training

While proper implementation of the ERP solution is important, it is equally important to train the staff that would be using the system. The staff should know the do’s and don’ts of the system. Post implementation, Routa Digital team provided extensive training to the Fixcel team to ensure that they were well-versed with the new system. The team also provided ongoing support to fix any issues, ensure stability and provide incremental development.

Results & Achievements

  • Improved project planning and production planning
  • Efficient monitoring and control of the production processes
  • Streamlined logistics and purchase management
  • Improved inventory management
  • Dynamic takt management
  • Provision for disaster recovery/exception handling